Look around you. How clearly can you visualize the prospects of your professional trajectory? FairfieldNodal is the recognized leader in ocean-bottom seismic technology, providing the industry with the higher quality data required for increasingly challenging environments worldwide.

You can be part of the team changing the game. Whether it’s designing, manufacturing, supporting, or selling our advanced seismic nodal systems, this is your opportunity to channel your talents into a rewarding future

Positions Available

Senior Analyst - Corporate Development

Mechanical Engineer

Marine Assurance Manager - QHSE

Chief Navigator - Data Acquisition

Back Deck Mechanic - Data Acquisition

Chief Observer - Data Acquisition

Quality Control Specialist - Data Acquisition

How to apply

E-mail resumes to: careers@fairfieldnodal.com

While FairfieldNodal will often have positions available for data acquisition crew members, we do not own vessels.  Therefore, we do not hire marine crew personnel for vessel operations.  For other such job opportunities, please contact the individual marine vessel providers.

FairfieldNodal is an equal opportunity employer.