In today’s challenging market environment, there is no margin for error. Subsea oil and gas operators are compelled to do everything possible to extend the productive life of their most important asset: the reservoir.

Limits of conventional solutions.

While towed streamer surveys are adequate for initial reconnaissance, they’re impractical in areas of dense infrastructure. Plus, an image resulting from compromised acquisition often can’t provide the pinpoint accuracy needed to drill a production well or characterize a reservoir. And it’s certainly not good enough to act as a baseline survey in 4D analysis. To do these things, you need the highest quality image available, and that means you need ocean bottom node (OBN) seismic data acquisition.

FairfieldNodal OBN delivers. And keeps delivering.

The benefits of nodal technology add up over the life of the field—from exploration through appraisal, brownfield development, and enhanced recovery. FairfieldNodal is the leader in nodal technology, delivering greater flexibility in data acquisition survey design and superior data.

Providing full-azimuth, long-offset, high-fold and densely sampled data, OBN acquisition lets you unlock the power of new imaging and noise-reduction techniques. With FairfieldNodal’s proprietary acquisition and processing technology working in tandem, operators get the most out of their data.

Superior reservoir characterization and 4D.

This means you can better characterize your reservoir, estimate reserves, develop recovery strategies, avoid risks, and identify production exploitation opportunities that other seismic companies cannot provide. And when 4D seismic is critical to your development stage strategies, highly repeatable OBN acquisition not only gives you the highest quality baseline survey, but also delivers high quality monitor surveys as well.

Why OBN?

  • Superior images to reduce risk and improve economics over life of field
  • Easily deployed and retrieved in congested/ecologically sensitive areas
  • HSE-friendly with an impeccable safety record
  • Reliable, trouble-free operation, particularly when compared to OBS systems
  • Dense, high-quality data suited for new processing technologies
  • Highly repeatable—ideal for 4D seismic baseline and monitor surveys
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