It’s not easy acquiring quality seismic data in shallow-water zones. Out to depths of 700 meters, you often have to contend with the risks associated with oilfield infrastructure, shipping lanes, commercial fishing, and ecologically sensitive environments. Conventional ocean-bottom cable (OBC) systems are bulky, constrained by fixed-receiver station intervals, and prone to technical downtime with large receiver spreads.

Moreover, your image may be compromised by gaps in coverage and acquisition parameters that are designed to fit your acquisition system instead of your imaging objectives. Today's technology-driven E&P strategies require quality seismic data. Ultimately, an inferior image is rarely worth the hassle or the cost to obtain it. A poorly positioned appraisal well, a missed opportunity, or a second survey all subtract from your bottom line.

Fewer headaches and better economics.

The real value of any survey must be measured in context with its total cost of ownership, which includes safety and environmental risk exposure. The FairfieldNodal Z700® system meets all criteria, providing a superior image, the highest reliability, minimal risk and the lowest total cost of ownership.

The Z700 system is easily deployed, requiring smaller crews and a minimum two-vessel configuration – one node management and one source vessel. No cables, no leakage, no headaches. Better yet, you get a superior image for better appraisal and brownfield development, improving your economics over the life of your reservoir.

<h3>Shallow water, revealed with ease.</h3>

Shallow water, revealed with ease.

View technical specifications on FairfieldNodal's Z700 marine node.

Z700 features.

  • Delivers superior, multi-component 4/C data
  • Lightweight, autonomous and HSE-friendly
  • Automated back-deck handling system requires smaller crews than OBC systems, reducing risks and downtime
  • Easily deployed and retrieved via deck-handling system
  • Rated to 700-meter depths
  • Records continuously, with no troubleshooting required
  • More than 98% reliability
  • Integrates well with other marine nodal systems
  • No awkward cable or defective connectors

Shallow water environments demand deep, rich seismic data.

Shallow-water zones come with numerous challenges—hazardous obstacles, complex infrastructure, and ecologically sensitive environments. Bulky ocean-bottom cable (OBC) systems are a hassle to deploy. Technical issues and downtime associated with them drive up acquisition costs.

The Z700® system from FairfieldNodal dramatically simplifies acquisition, while providing you with the superior, long-offset, high-fold seismic image you need to make the best decisions over the productive life of field.

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