Of all the places to acquire seismic data, transition zones are the most difficult. This shallow-water environment is ecologically fragile, posing a tedious and risky challenge for seismic crews and vessels.

Other seismic data acquisition methods, like ocean-bottom cable (OBC) systems, are unwieldy, usually expensive, and prone to technical downtime. And in transition zones, conventional towed streamers are impractical.

We have the node you need.

Thousands of feet below the earth’s surface, oil and gas reserves know no boundaries between land and sea. Neither does FairfieldNodal’s Z100® transition zone node. It provides full coverage and a seamless transition from land-based to deeper-water nodal data acquisition.

The Z100 gives you the ability to acquire high-quality seismic data from the beach to 300 meter depths, with minimal HSE risk. The system is lightweight, making deployment a breeze. Once deployed, it records continuously, giving you the image you need for successful, long-term reservoir management.

<h3>Get the specs on the Z100.</h3>

Get the specs on the Z100.

View technical specifications of the Z100 transition zone node.

Z100 features.

  • Delivers superior, multi-component 4/C data
  • Lightweight, autonomous and HSE-friendly
  • Easily deployed and retrieved
  • Rated to 300-meter depths
  • Records continuously, with no troubleshooting required
  • Integrates well with other nodal systems, land and marine
  • No unreliable cables, connectors, or telemetry

Superior images for challenging transition zones.

When it comes to marine seismic data acquisition, transition zones are among the most challenging environments you’ll encounter. Shallow and ecologically fragile, they make the deployment of seismic-acquisition equipment difficult, dangerous, and costly. Wrangling people and cumbersome cables is increasingly problematic the closer you get to shore. And it is safe to say that conventional towed-streamer acquisition is not a real option in transition zones.

With a Z100® marine node system bought or leased from FairfieldNodal, you can provide an operator with superior seismic images in these hard-to-manage transition zones. Here, where risks are greatest, making the right decisions—whether they’re related to exploration or reservoir management—depends on having the right data. Z100 is the right system for obtaining that data.

Z100 node deployment is a breeze anywhere in transition zones—shallow water, swamps, on the beach, and all points between. Best of all, you never compromise the quality of your image or the economic viability of your field.

Partners wanted.

While our primary focus is shallow- and deepwater seismic acquisition, we often encounter needs for transition zone capabilities. If you have the qualified vessel assets, crew, safety processes and procedures necessary for this environment—we have the nodal technology and products.

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