The right image meets the right budget.

For subsea oil and gas operators, successful exploration, development and production is directly linked to seismic image quality. Getting that image can be a challenge in areas that are hard-to-access, environmentally sensitive, or have dense infrastructure. The basin itself may have complex overburden, structure, and stratigraphy.

Today’s market realities compound the problem when the image you need is undermined by budgets and poor acquisition design. A conventional towed streamer survey might be good enough for exploration, but rarely provides the quality of seismic data you need for successful field development and reservoir management decision-making.

Compromise on quality and you compromise success.

Going it alone on seismic acquisition often involves a compromise between imaging objectives, acquisition efficiencies, and budget. Unfortunately, it also compromises your chances of successful field development.

Put simply, you need a superior image because of economics, not in spite of it. Which is why the magnitude of large-scale exploration and production projects often compels operators to share risks and costs in a multi-client model.

Bridging the gap with multi-client innovation.

FairfieldNodal has a long history of successful, multi-client commercial models. By spreading expenses across multiple players—including us—we can provide the highest quality nodal seismic acquisition surveys at the lowest cost. As we conduct the survey, we add this valuable nodal seismic data to our extensive and growing library, which we can then license to future partners. This spec, or speculative, commercial model has made the superior images that success demands more affordable to many marine and onshore oil and gas operators.

An ever-expanding library.

We continue to build a premier library of quality 3D seismic data on the Gulf of Mexico shelf, which includes new full-azimuth nodal (FAN) data for better imaging around complex salt structures. We’ve also brought that expertise on-shore to include a multi-client library in the Permian Basin. Future plans include multi-client surveys in the North Sea.

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