Now that you have better data, follow through with serious analytical firepower.

A superior seismic image—and the superior insight that it provides—requires high-density, high-fold data. FairfieldNodal seismic data acquisition solutions are designed to give you that data, safely and cost-effectively, using the most technologically advanced acquisition system available. But acquisition is just the first step.

Data is only as valuable as your ability to process and image it.

Once acquired, this high-density seismic data must be “preprocessed” to prepare it for final imaging. To ensure that data yields a superior image, intermediate processing techniques such as noise removal, signal conditioning, and multiple removal are also required. The final image is then created with a complete set of earth model building and imaging tools.

In short, to truly maximize your reservoir’s life-of-field potential, you need serious processing firepower, every step of the way.

Data is an investment. Make the most of it.

FairfieldNodal has a complete and proprietary data processing solution to solve any problem. 
Let us solve yours.

We’ve got that.

We have expert teams of highly trained processors, research geophysicists and programmers, and software development specialists. Combine that with our proprietary technological capabilities, like front-end specialized node processing, wavefield separation, noise reduction, multiple removal, and superior migration algorithms to produce a superior image.

It’s a solid package designed to help you make the most of the data you’ve acquired.

R&D—seeing tomorrow with clarity.

As technology accelerates, so does the need to capitalize on it. FairfieldNodal is relentless on research and development, exploring the next generation of processing algorithms and the evolution of high-speed computing.

Our teams work the front lines of production processing, which means the solutions we develop deliver what you need most—a competitive edge.

A life-of-field advantage.

From regional reconnaissance through enhanced oil recovery FairfieldNodal data processing can provide valuable clarity to your reservoir management decisions, extending the life of your field and delaying costly decommissioning.

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