2018 Brazilian Petroleum Conference -- Rio de Janeiro

Advances in OBN Technology:  New Designs for Reservoir Monitoring and Large Scale Surveys

Two new designs are introduced that demonstrate the flexibility and scalability of node technology from reservoir monitoring to large-scale OBN surveys.  ZLoF is a nodal alternative for reservoir monitoring.  The system features a 5 year deployment life and an optical communication system for high-speed data download.  In deep water, ZLoF will provide frequently repeated, high quality 4D seismic data at a lower cost than cable based permanent reservoir monitoring systems. 

ZXPLR is a new node capable of dual mode deployment with either a passive rope, in shallow water, or by ROV, in deep water.  In the first deepwater deployment, overall survey duration was reduced by 50% from similar deployments using older systems.  The entire deployment/retrieval system has been redesigned and made safer and more efficient by powered and piloted thrusters on the all subsea systems.    

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