WGP Group--Winner of ConocoPhillips 2017 Supplier Recognition Award

WGP Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of FairfieldNodal, has been announced as a winner of the ConocoPhillips 2017 Supplier Recognition Award Program.

WGP was recognized for their contributions to the 2017 Eldfisk seismic campaign. Terry Hibben, CTO of WGP, says “I’m really pleased for WGP to receive this award and recognition for the effort of their staff on this project. WGP’s ‘One Team’ ethos again worked to ensure the close working relationships between client and other contractors to deliver a high-quality, safe project efficiently.”

“WGP’s expertise, talent, and track record of reliable project execution distinguish them within our industry as an important provider for seismic acquisition services,” says Charles (Chuck) Davison, Jr., President and CEO of FairfieldNodal. “We believe this recognition is well-deserved and reinforces our motivation for joining forces with WGP to further advance FairfieldNodal’s pursuit of reservoir monitoring capabilities.”